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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brain Fried!

Egg image found on so many sites that I don't know which is the original!

November is often the busiest month for people in school, when all the teachers decide to throw all sorts of essays, projects, and exams to freak out the students and kill a few braincells just before finals. This week, I turned in a very thorough essay in a course on how to write essays (so it had to be perfect - not just because I'm a perfectionist); I've been catching up on my syntax course...of which there is an exam next Tuesday; I have to read 10 short stories and have ready reviews on each before Friday's creative writing class; AND the creative writing portfolio was due by the end of next week, but the teacher was kind enough to push it back three days. I'm only taking 20 units instead of 30 units (75% instead of 100%). I'm so glad I didn't continue with the 30 units! 

And they host NaNo in November? What are they thinking?? There's Christmas shopping and preparation for people who aren't in school. That's a huge task as well, which people usually have to do after work, meaning less time to write. Is there an online plea somewhere to have NaNo moved to September or October? I really want to take part next year, but I don't see how I can.

Anyway, since I fell behind on the syntax class (that essay really HAD to be perfect - I expect no less than 9 out of 10), I'm watching the online presentations now and taking extensive notes. Which fries my brain like bacon on a barbecue.  

So I freaked out a little this morning, but then I took out my organizer and organized what I had to do, and I feel a lot better now. I set myself goals for each day and do nothing more and nothing less. That's how I cope.

How do you cope with November??


  1. I just try to get through it! November's heavy on essays, essays, and more essays....

  2. It's a long time since I've done study like that. I feel your pain! Sounds like approaching it with a plan like you're doing is the way to go. Otherwise it's easy to become overwhelmed by how impossible it all is. It IS possible, if everything is broken down into smaller pieces which you tackle bit by bit.
    Good luck with making it through the month and getting everything done!

  3. "It IS possible, if everything is broken down into smaller pieces which you tackle bit by bit." Just like NaNo ^.^ Thanks for the encouragement :)

  4. The last 5 years I taught 1st and 2nd grade. I survived November by cramming in as much assessment (testing) as I could so I might possibly make it through December too.

  5. November is probably one of the hardest times to get my brain functioning properly. I just breathe. I have to because the alternative isn't very pretty. lol

    Yours is fried and mine is scrambled most of the time. At least that is what it feels like! I hope things get better for you.