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Monday, May 16, 2011


Jeeze, you guys. Did you hear about the latest (or maybe it's not so new) Amazon scam? I read from a site I can't link to here because of the +18 content that a person has been lifting whole books and posting them as her own on Amazon. These are mostly self-published books and books published by small e-book companies. 

Apparently this "author" has been "publishing" under several different names, but (s)he even has the audacity to use the same blurbs and everything. To steal like this in front of everyone in broad daylight is just unbelievable. I feel so sorry for the real authors. It must be horrible to be so powerless, to see your hard work being treated like this and no one will do anything.

It just plain sucks that people can do this and Amazon refuses to remove it because they say they're not responsible because of some clause they have in their contracts with the authors (saying that the person who is uploading is solely responsible for the content being their own). I personally think that since Amazon is getting a percentage of the sales, they should be held accountable. 

You know what? I have only ever ordered online books through Amazon (.com and, but I'm not going to buy books from them anymore until they've corrected this injustice. I've found better places to shop at anyway, like Book Depository who ships free internationally. As for Kindle books, well I've learned to convert PDF files to Kindle format through Mobipocket Creator (it's soooo easy, just a few clicks), so I'll be just fine without Amazon for a while.