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Monday, May 16, 2011


Jeeze, you guys. Did you hear about the latest (or maybe it's not so new) Amazon scam? I read from a site I can't link to here because of the +18 content that a person has been lifting whole books and posting them as her own on Amazon. These are mostly self-published books and books published by small e-book companies. 

Apparently this "author" has been "publishing" under several different names, but (s)he even has the audacity to use the same blurbs and everything. To steal like this in front of everyone in broad daylight is just unbelievable. I feel so sorry for the real authors. It must be horrible to be so powerless, to see your hard work being treated like this and no one will do anything.

It just plain sucks that people can do this and Amazon refuses to remove it because they say they're not responsible because of some clause they have in their contracts with the authors (saying that the person who is uploading is solely responsible for the content being their own). I personally think that since Amazon is getting a percentage of the sales, they should be held accountable. 

You know what? I have only ever ordered online books through Amazon (.com and, but I'm not going to buy books from them anymore until they've corrected this injustice. I've found better places to shop at anyway, like Book Depository who ships free internationally. As for Kindle books, well I've learned to convert PDF files to Kindle format through Mobipocket Creator (it's soooo easy, just a few clicks), so I'll be just fine without Amazon for a while.


  1. Wow, I can't believe Amazon's doing nothing about it and apparently doesn't care. Another good reason not to use them.

    I didn't know Book Depository ships free internationally. Good to know. :D

  2. HOpefully those authors of the work have gotten copyrights--the one you pay $35 for--I would think they could contact the agency and they will sue this a.h. Leaving it up to Amazon is obviously not going to get it off this jerk's list. Sue the bastart or bitch whichever, and that will put a dent in that person's pocket book I would think.

  3. WHAT?! That's horrible!!! I hope something gets done! Person(s) caught, charges pressed, we need to re-institute locking people in stocks and throwing rotten food at them...

  4. I hope that doesn't stop people from buying books (like mine) from Amazon. I wonder if any of mine have been stolen? Probably not; they're not popular enough to be worth stealing!

  5. Stina: Book Depository is a new discovery for me. I can't believe I didn't know about it before. They have a list of countries they ship to, but it's a very long list and I hope your country's there.

    Lorelei: Yup, I totally agree. They should sue. But the problem is that suing in America costs a lot of money, which is probably why those thieves target indie authors. Now, if they could band together... Oh and I also think that organizations like Romance Writers of America should go and pressure Amazon into fixing their stand. I think pressuring Amazon is the only way because it's been a problem getting in touch with the thieves because Amazon refuses to give information (it's against their regulations or some bleep like that).

    Colene: I know, right? I wish I could throw online cookies at them right now. But instead I do what I can and spread the message. Too bad I can't link the article since it's 18+, but if anyone wants the link, just shoot me an email. I'll assume you're over 18 if you do (see? I'm washing my hands of responsibility just like Amazon does).

    Rogue: I've gotta check out your books ^.^ I'm sure that not enough people will protest this way to affect any serious sales.

  6. Wow, I hadn't heard about that. That's ridiculous. Thanks for the post. I'll be sure to keep clear of amazon from now on. Jeez.

    <3 Gina Blechman

  7. Dude, that sucks!! I really hope they are made to do something about it. And I think I'll boycott Amazon too!

    I love Book Depository :) It makes me squee with lots of happy! :D

  8. Very sad state of affairs. Sorry to hear about this plagiarism.

  9. That's pretty scary for a newbie like me planning to self-publish. Thanks for the head's up.

  10. Amazon is always slow at trying to help the people who have been harmed..I've been there done that..Had something stolen...

  11. This is horrible, please let us know on WD groups what else is transpiring related to this shameful and outrageous development.

  12. It's been WAAAAY too long since I've visited here. NO! I had no idea this happened. I didn't hear anything about it. But it's definitely good to know! Christy

  13. Acckkk! Definitely something that drives up and coming writers up the wall, I'd say. I hope they come around.

  14. I really think that people like that have a special little circle in hell. I mean, after all the effort and pain we put ourselves through, just to have it stolen!

    And I completely agree with you. Amazon, denying responsibility while they're getting money is not right.

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  17. This is news to me to, and perhaps there should be a non-profit community for writers, who need to sue for these shenanigans. If their identity can be discovered, publishing it all over the internet may discourage it. Thanks for coming by my new blog!

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