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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Breaking the Rules!

Chocolate borrowed from:

I'm breaking the rules! I can't stand this anymore. I'm just going to blog when I blog. Ever since I officially stated that I was going to blog every Monday with something writing-related, and every Wednesday with Iceland Reports, I've been soooo discouraged to blog that it's clogging my flow. It sort of took the fun out of popping onto the blog and posting something - anything fun and informative that came to mind.

So I hope you forgive me when I say that I'm going to break the rules of staying consistent, and just blog when I blog.

That said, I might be travelling to the USA in a few weeks! Yay! I'm going to raid the bookstores. And the toy stores. And the shoe stores. And just any store I find. We're probably going to Boston with a direct flight.


  1. Mmm...that chocolate keyboard looks good! And have fun during your trip to the US!

  2. Thanks! I'm going with two of my cousins, so it's a girl's trip out. The point is to get away from the house and shop ;)

    And yeah, I so wish I had that chocolate keyboard! It's that time of the month...

  3. You go girl! Break those rules! Oh, love the chocolate keyboard!

  4. *Breaks rules and choco-keyboard into pieces* Okay, I really need to go out and get some chocolate >.<

  5. Hi Tessa, I've been feeling the same way, lately, and I think I'll probably do the same thing pretty soon. Like, maybe next week, when I go to the States. English-language bookstores are at the TOP of my list of things to visit and do. :)

  6. Hi Tessa,

    The chocolate keyboard has my vote! :)

    You'll love Boston! While you're there, in addition to Barnes& Noble and Border's be sure to check out the Harvard Coop - wonderful selection of books, and there are also some terrific shops in Brookline, which is just a little ways outside of downtown Boston.

    Have FUN!

  7. Anything which stifles the creative flow is bad. I say blog whenever you like!

  8. I like that you broke your own rule because I have an unconventional way of blogging as well. Right or wrong, I blog when the unction moves me with something to say or show. With five blogs, I know, quite eclectively compulsive, this means I could never keep up with each one on a daily basis. Nevertheless, I'm happy and that's all that matters.

  9. Alison: Shopping is so much fun, don't you think so? Okay, so I don't always like shopping, but when I go overseas, I got nuts ^.^ Even in the grocery stories! I love seeing different foods.

    Paula: Noting this all down! Thanks for the tips. I've never been to Boston before. I'll know today if we're going for sure, but my cousin says it's almost a done deal (she works for an airline and gets cheap tickets).

    Adina: Yup, I'll just blog when I blog ^.^ I wouldn't have made the blog I made today if I was still sticking to that silly ex-rule of mine.

    Jodeeluna: Five blogs! How do you manage? I have a separate one for giveaways and competitions, which I was really updating a lot because I "couldn't" blog here whenever I wanted, but I don't think I'll keep yet another blog.

  10. I'll come visit whenever you blog, so go with the flow!

  11. Aww, thanks Megan. I've been hammering down subjects ever since this morning, like a dam that's burst free. Now I just need to find time to write it all >.<

  12. That's an awesome blog, Tessa :)