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Friday, October 1, 2010

Banned Books Week

Everyone and their grandma have been blogging about banned books lately because of the Banned Books Week. I wasn't going to take part in this, because I didn't have time, but then I looked at the list of banned books and my eyes nearly popped out! Instead of doing a review of the books I've read, I'm going to gush my amazement and bewilderment of why these books were banned in the first place! A lot of those are books about changes in the body when growing up. What kid couldn't use this information from a book? We had education on this at school, but I'm sure that not all kids get that very embarrassing privilege (I still remember all the blushing and giggling), and some kids might want to sneak into a library and secretively read more about those changes. 

Harry Potter! Come on! I do remember that JK Rowlings books were banned amongst Catholics some years ago. I remember how silly I thought it was. I don't know if others banned the books as well, but I think it's just mean to keep kids away from my favourite series of all time! It's not like people can go to London and find a secret passage to Diagon Alley! It's fiction!

The Earth's Children series!? Honestly? What was offensive in those books? I read them as a teen and I loved them. I seriously can't imagine what made those book be banned. Was it the interspecies mating? The Neanderthals? They existed, you know.

Lord of the Flies? What on earth could have made people want to ban that book? I read it in High School and it was one of the few books that I actually loved. Was it the development from kids being lost on an island to kids building a hierarchy and becoming violent? I'm guessing it's because of Piggy's death, but it's an excellent story of how a society can go wrong.

The Color Purple? I read that as a teen as well. I loved it. I suppose that Uncle Tom's Cabin must have been banned as well in its time. Ignorance. That's what it is. Thi book is amazing.


  1. I'm always amazed at those lists when I see them too. So much of what is banned is a beautiful and thoughtful approach to subjects that are otherwise harsh. I'd rather my child read a well-crafted heartfelt story about the realities of life than watch the news!

  2. It boggles my mind too Tessa that so many worthwhile and important books have been challenged or banned over the years. Thank goodness sanity prevails for the preservation of First Amendment rights.

  3. Megan: Yes, kids will go out and try to find a way to get their questions answered, whether it's about race, society, or their bodies. That's why I think literature is so important.

    Paula: Could you tell the rest of the world about the brilliance of the First Amendment? It's so sad that there are whole countries who still sensor everything written and ban what doesn't meet their ideas. It just seems like something that shouldn't be done in this day and age.

  4. I can tell you why Auel's Earth's Children series was probably banned: it includes a step-by-step sexual initiation scene... one that I remember quite well because its detail far exceeded any other sexual education I'd received when I read it as a fifth grader on the recommendation of my teacher. Not that I would ban it, of course; I still turned out just fine (more or less :-P) and banning books is just horribly backwards and counterproductive. I especially agree with your last comment - with each new censorship controversy I find myself confused that people still think it can and should be done.

  5. I guess it's been a bit too long since I read those book. Of all the things that stuck to my mind, that one wasn't one of them, hehe. I suppose I had read more shocking things (The 43 book paranormal series "Isfolket", by Margit Sandemo, which is very explicit when it comes to sex).

  6. Tessa,

    I am a former librarian (got laid off a year and a half ago) and it is shocking what gets banned. It seems like every "classic" I have read has been banned at one time or another. Goodness, I must be a rebel, but then why am I sitting around in sweats?

    By the way, I am a twin so I think it is awesome that you are a mother of twins. I will check back often.

    Theresa Bruno

  7. Theresa, you owe your mother a hug! My sons are adorable, and I adore them, but they really drain me. We try to split them up a lot, and it's so nice to get a separate time with each of them. They also enjoy that, too.

    As for the banned books, I get that Stephen King's Cujo can't be in a children's library (for young children), but I do think that many of the books on that list SHOULD be in children's libraries.

  8. Harry Potter is one of my favorite series, and I actually liked a lot Lord of the Flies.

  9. Yeah, silly people for banning those! They're brilliant.