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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Mid-term exams are over! I got 9 out of 10 for the one I took today (it was online multiple choice only, which is why I already know the outcome). Not bad for phonetics ^.^

Anyway, I wanted to know if any of you have bought a book for the sake of the cover? I'm seriously considering buying Matched, if I don't win it. I've heard the story itself is so-and-so, but the cover itself is art! I'm even considering buying the hard cover and place it front-out on my book shelf.

I don't think I've ever done this before. The covers of House of Night, Sookie Stackhouse Novels, and Vampire Academy are just...bleh (except for the NEW Sookie novels, which features the cast of True Blood - drooooools over Eric). Eragon I bought for the story, although the covers are nice. The Harry Potter covers are also just bleh, although a little fun, I suppose. 

Oh! And I'm going to shamelessy plug Sara's ARCs giveaway, because one of the books being given is a signed Matched! The other one I want is A Tale Dark and Grim. That cover also looks nice, though not nice enough to buy just for the sake of the cover.

So, have you ever bought a book for the sake of the cover, even if you've heard the book is only so-and-so?


  1. I bought Dennis McKiernan's Iron Tower trilogy and Silver Call duology simply because the covers were amazing. That was before I knew who Alan Lee even was, and he is now my favorite artist. It's a bonus that I also ended up really liking the stories.

  2. Ted! Nice to hear from you again. I agree that it'll be a huge bonus if I end up liking the story. The agents went nuts over this one and auctioned to represent Ally Condie (or so Kristin Nelson said), so I'll assume that the story has to be good, even though some people think it's only meh.

  3. The only reason I like HUSH HUSH is for the cover. The cover is beautiful, the book ... there are some serious problems. But I actually bought it because of all the blogs I read trashing it and the romance (the blogs were right).

    Umm ... I was curious about Eragon because of the cover -- I kept seeing it everywhere. Finally, I caved and bought it when I was in the airport in Ireland.

    Actually though, I don't know that I've bought any books because of the cover. I have decided not to buy books because of a bad cover though.

  4. Oh yeah, the Hush Hush cover is amazing. I don't like reading fallen angel stories (no obvious reason behind this dislike), but I'm tempted to read that one because of the cover. Maybe I should just print it out and hang on the wall though...I've heard some bad things about that book.

  5. I recently attended a writers conference, and they mentioned you have 15 seconds to sell a book. Although you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover, it's one of the key factors someone will pick up a book. The title, cover art, and the blurb are key in winning over someone to buy a book.

  6. I've never bought a book just for its cover, but this one is gorgeous! I'll have to borrow it from the library & see if I like it before buying, though... so I guess I'm not in a "buy for the cover" place in my life just now.

  7. I don't know if I've ever bought a book just for it's cover but it is the cover that gets me to pick it up in the bookstore. It's also how I buy wine...

  8. Of course! Covers aren't a deal breaker for me, but they can be deal makers!

    And Matched's is beautiful! <3 (As for the story - liked it, not particularly fussed. LOVED the writing though, so poetic!)

  9. Um, yes. Covers are like crack. But I have to say that I've read MATCHED, and I think the story inside is every bit as beautiful as the cover. It's a love story, and it's brilliant. If you're looking for a different kind of story, though, you might be disappointed. This is definitely a love story.

  10. Cherie: The cover of your Once Upon a December Nightmare is a seller! And the title. I remember when I first visited your page I was like, ooooh (and clicked on it to read about it).

    Su: I've had three people saying that the story is good and worth reading (good, not great), but yeah, it's a good idea to borrow from the library first...I should do that more often!

    Janet: Yes, I think that the cover is what makes me pick it up too. It's like this: Writers I've already read and loved, recommendations, covers. I also think that people who buy books as gifts will rather choose a grabbing cover.

    Marieke: That line of yours is fantastic ^.^ Not a deal breaker, but can be deal makers. I hope by "poetic" you don't mean overly swirly descriptions that take you away from the story itself! I don't like those. But then, I think it's hard to sell that kind of a YA story to today's publisher.

    Elana: *Gasp* Celebrity! *Dies* I was aware that the story was a love story, and I would mind if it was in our reality (our reality is just a bit too boring, in my opinion), but I've heard that this is a dystopia, which makes it a yay for me.

    Paula: You're probably the wisest of us all ^.^ Save the money for a good story.

  11. I don't recall ever buying a book simply because of the cover, but Across The Universe would probably have been the first. Of course I've already read the first chapter and it was amazing, so I guess that won't count.

    Thanks for the heads up on Sara's giveaway!

  12. I'm not really a buy-the-book-because-of-the-cover kind of gal, though I appreciate the artwork on many front covers. But I'm far more likely to buy based on a read of the back cover spiel, plus what I know about the storyline through word of mouth, or else a quick read of the first couple of pages.


  13. Lisa: Across the Universe looks very nice. I hadn't seen that book before.

    Rachael: I suppose it's a mix for me as well - except for in this case ;) As Cherie said, the cover is something that makes you pick up the book in the first place.

  14. Hi, the cover would make me take the first look...but to actually make me part with my money it's what's inside that counts.

    BTW, don't you hate it when you buy a book and it's re-released later with a MUCH nicer cover...

  15. Oh yeah! I HATE it. I wish I could turn in my lame-looking Sookie Stackhouse novels for the True Blood cast versions!