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Clockwork Angel
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Friday, October 1, 2010

To Those I Haven't Followed Back

Those whom I haven't followed back - could you leave a comment? Sometimes I don't get a link with the little pop-up window when I click your little icons on the follow list. Your blog comes linked to your name if you leave a comment (you don't even have to write anything, just a dot or something so that I can click the link). There's an ugly, hairy bug in Blogger.


  1. Hello, I saw you mentioned on Melissa's site and thought I'd stop by. Nice to meet you, I've enjoyed visiting and would have you know that your hairy bug is obviously a relative of the gremlin that keeps causing much blogger mischief on my site.

  2. Hi Petty. Thank you for stopping by! Always nice to see new people. I certainly hope that Blogger is working on those bug/gremlin issues. They are SO annoying.