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Friday, October 8, 2010


I have a little game for you!

Rearrange the letters "New Door" into one word.


  1. Has anyone gotten this? I'm stumped!

  2. Renwood? Nerwood? Woodern?

    I'm no good at these games.

  3. Tessa, I know this one so I won't spoil it for everyone else! ; )

  4. Dang, is this an Icelandic word or something? Ha ha, I suck at this.

  5. Hehe, I had to give up when my husband put this riddle in front of me.

    I'll post the answer here in comments late tonight if no one has figured it out by then.

  6. NEW DOOR rearranged could be ONE WORD! Is that the answer?!! =)

  7. Stumped me, but I think Jam's got it. Yes?

  8. Oh man that's like one of those riddles within a riddle, in which case I doubly suck. Good job Jam!

  9. Hehe, ONE WORD is the right answer. It was a nasty one, sorry ;)

    The answer from the World of Warcraft Online Game Master was:

    "Indeed there is only one answer to this and it's "One Word". I would like to clarify that in no way did this take the time of 4 Game Masters staring blankly into their screens trying to figure it out by rearranging all the letters and using internet anagram finders, and also I did not google it in frustration."

    Yeah, I'm a former WoW nerd, and these things crack me up ^.^

    For my part - I'm great at these rearranging letters game, and I couldn't figure this one out ;)

  10. LOL

    I had a look when you first posted it and thought I was stumped, but then it hit me too. ^.^

    (Also, <3 WoW )

  11. Yup, WoW rules ^.^ I can't play now, because if I play...I won't write :/ Just when they're releasing a new expansion... I mean, Worgen Hunters? How cool is that?

  12. I know, I actually try to stay as far away as possible from any online RPGs (*drools over LOTRO*) because it will just take up too much of my time! And so far I'm doing well enough... But not for lack of wanting! ;)

    The only concession I will make is DMing a DnD group, once I find enough party members :)

  13. *Sigh* LotRO has in-game housing. I had (have) the perfect little house in the Shire. Yeah, I chose to be a hobbit because they're just too cute.

    I don't have much experience with DnD - only a few times back in the day with guys who couldn't believe there was a girl who wanted to be in their group (and probably behaved themselves much better when I was around - no burping and such). If there's still DnD in Iceland (which I'm sure there is, somewhere), I don't know of it. They don't host those tournaments anymore.

  14. *love* They are :) I always used to play halfling characters in RPGs, because they make the best rogues. Thieves guild FTW! :P

    (Btw, send you a PM)