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Friday, December 3, 2010

Cover Chomp

The good old days when Beena munched on apples...not books.

Beena, my black hamster just took a chunk out of one of my books! That little rat. I'm not even gonna say which book it's just too horrible. I suppose it was my own fault though. You just shouldn't put your hamster anywhere near your favourite books. Especially those books with the lovely covers...


  1. Our cookbooks used to be on the bottom shelf and we had to move them due to Sable (when she was a pup) chewing a chunk out of them all (a nice long row of books.. *sigh*) They always find something to get creative with!

    BirthRight The Arrival, on Amazon 1.1.2011

  2. What a cutie! So sorry about your mangled book.

    My little dog likes to pull my books off the bookshelf. I like to pretend he just wants a good read....

  3. Yeah, she's adorable. She's so cuddly and she never bites (people), which is why I like to cuddle her against my neck. My three and a half year olds are allowed to handle her, and one rubs her fur all over his face. It's so cute.

  4. Bad hamster!

    Remind me to tell you about the pair of rainbow lorikeets we used to own. There was the carpet-pulling incident, and the cornice-munching incident (and the list goes on). Sigh, lucky your hamster is adorable :)


  5. LOL!! It's kind of like, "The dog ate my homework." FUNNY!!! Not for you though. Sorry Tessa. :(

  6. I'm thinking of getting a hamster for the boys. I have a lot of precious books. I will consider myself warned.

    (It's bad enough that I have to stop the babies from chewing the books!)

  7. Rach: Haha, I can so picture that. Carpet-pulling, lol.

    Nah, it IS funny, Paula ^.^ At least I have something to remember her by forever...other than tons of pictures. Though, I wish she'd have munched on my school books instead.

    And Tara, hamsters are absolutely adorable! Beena is a Syrian, which means that she has to be alone in her cage because if there was another, they would fight. I can't see it though, since Beena is such a calm and nice hamster.

    Anyway, they're a lot easier to take care of than I thought and I just love sneaking her Cheerio's, carrots, apples, etc. Although one of my boys loves holding her (the other just gives her a quick pat), I'm the one who gets most of having her. She's my cuddle-ball.

  8. Aww! Beena is so cute! And, I know what you mean. They love to chew everything! My rat one time got a hold of my blanket, and before I knew it, I had a hole in it. :( I still loved the little guy though.

  9. Yeah, it's so unfair. They can get away with anything on the grounds of being cute :)