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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Exam Studying, Day 3

I did what I could yesterday. My head was pounding after four hours straight of studying (with one potty-break). But I managed a lot. I'm continuing today, and I was fresh enough this morning to finish listening to and taking extensive notes on the lecture. Now I'm re-writing the notes (hey, I'm a writer - it's what we do, right?), and then I'm done for the day. It was a two-hour lecture, packed with important details...on Socrates, pre-Socratic philosophers, Plato, etc. We're studying them in regard to their importance to today's universities and critical thinking. 

It's so funny how I'm fresh in the morning (even with a runny nose) and like a zombie in the afternoon. The problem with yesterday was that I had errands to run and appointments to attend in the morning, so I didn't start reading until 11 AM. It's the same with writing: I produce so much in the morning, and about half as much in the afternoon. 

I read about writers who write when the rest of the household has gone to bed. I kind of feel like a traitor to be fast asleep when all the other creative people are hammering at their keyboards. Maybe it's because I don't drink coffee or any other stimulant substances...except eat chocolate, but that doesn't always wake me up.

What time is best for you to write?

Task for the day: Finish re-writing the notes. Eat. And...bake more cookies! The third sort: chocolate chip.

Currently reading: Lost Voices, by Sarah Porter


  1. I haven't really found a time of day that is more productive, but I seem to do best when there's a bit of noise. But not music, because I usually want to sing along or start dancing, so that's way too distracting!

    Good luck with your studying!

  2. Later in the day is best for me to write.

  3. Late afternoon, evening. We vampires all do our best work at night.

  4. I'm with you on being a morning person. I can't write at night, either, unless I want to spend the entire next day deciphering.

  5. For me it depends on the day. If I have something weighing on me for the afternoon/evening time, I find it hard to focus in the morning. But if there's nothing going on that day, I love waking up early and having my coffee and computer in my pjs. :)

  6. Don't worry honey - for me it's mid-day - after I've gone through all the e-mails and news. Hang in there and feel better soon.

  7. Norma, I wasn't aware you had a blood sucking habit.