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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Interview: Marieke

Marieke, the one who is plotting with the falcon.

I took an interview with the Medieval Mastermind: Marieke (you know, the girl with the whip?). She's a fellow writer with sarcastic humour and lives, according to her, "Somewhere, not far from nowhere." 

Anywho, Marieke has been hosting her "How To" on her blog every other Thursday over the past months, taking interviews with impressive figures, like Elana Johnson (How to write an awesome query letter), Jackson Pearce (How to research a historical novel), and Kathleen Ortiz (How to read slush), just to mention a few.

1. If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?
So much! *grin* I'd travel around the world, see all the places I've wanted to see, write and write more. I would spend money on my favorite charities too - or at least I hope I would! 

Oh, and one thing more? Buy LOADS of books. And then probably a house to, you know, make a library out of it :P 
(That's basically what I would do, too. Great masterminds think alike.)

2. What are you working on (genre, age group, main story plot - if it can be revealed)?
I'm currently revising Loving Adeline - now retitled WICK - my literary YA, with a touch of magical realism. 

Jaime, my MC, is an aspie. Her world consists of colors and Secret Garden references, but what she really wants is understanding. And to be able to escape the grief that haunts her home after her father died. 

Things happen, as they always do. I'm not yet going to share the entire plot, because mystery is a good thing. ;) (Also, I want to finish revisions first, just to keep things in the right order.) 

Let's just say it's a story about grief, love, art, imagination, and - in the end - the choice between understanding the world and living in it. 
(That sounds wonderful and new. I don't believe I have read such a story. I love the Secret Garden and can't wait to read this one.)

3. What do you eat/drink while writing?
Coffee! Sugar! Especially when I'm writing late at night, but to be honest I don't have special brain food or drinks. Or maybe I should say it depends on whatever I fancy at that moment. Iced lattes is always a safe choice! 
(It's what I've been saying! I can't write late at night because I don't drink coffee.)

Is there anything else you'd like to add? 
Yes. Something is coming... 

Thank you, Marieke, for that. 

But Marieke isn't the only one being interviewed. Yours truly is being interviewed by cute little Rachael Harrie, who is becoming yet another impressive writer on the blogsphere. It will be later today, but I thought I'd mention it now because I'm crawling through day...oh I've lost the count...of exam studying.


  1. The formatting of the text isn't behaving - I hope you'll forgive that.

  2. Fun interview. And here I thought "nowhere" was in Wyoming. The postcard lied to me! lol Anyways, great interview even if there is a formatting issue. Wouldn't have even noticed it really.

  3. Thanks for having me Tess! :D

    The "Somewhere, not far from nowhere" is actually a musical reference. Virtual cupcakes for anyone who gets it ;)

  4. That means no cup cakes for me :/

  5. Ah, but you're a fellow plotter. That means automatic cupcakes ;)

  6. It's the new "To be or not to be - that is the question" question ;)

  7. Marieke's book sounds fascinating!

    Love the interview, and man am I curious to find out what's coming!

  8. Something is coming.... sounds ominous!