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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Favourite Food Challenge

I'm taking English Composition this semester, which is academic writing. Only I'm thrilled to learn that we're supposed to use a bit of showing in our texts. For this week, I'm supposed to write a short, descriptive paragraph of how my favourite food tastes like. I'm not allowed to say what it is.

So! I'm turning this into a challenge. Write a short paragraph to describe HOW your favourite food tastes like, using some or all of your senses.

My favourite food fuses my taste buds with sweet, rich flavour almost before it passes my lips. My mouth waters with the thick, smooth texture as my teeth crunch against the hard surface and my tongue smoothes the shattered fragments, creaming them against the top of my gum.

Okay, so this can be a double-meaning thingy, but I swear it's food. Can you guess what it is? 


  1. Some kind of chocolate bar? I'm so stumped!

  2. I would say chocolate... but that is a difficult thing to guess

  3. I suppose I did an okay job there. It is chocolate ;) No specific kind, but I do love Nestle Crunch Bars! And Milky Ways. Heck, anything.