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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hunger Games and a Contest Reminder

Phew, I just found the Hunger Games books at the library and I devoured the first one already. And the half of the next one too, actually. Amazing books with amazing writing. I normally don't like present tense prose, but Suzanne Collins does it so well that I don't even notice it. And honestly, I can't imagine these books written in any other way.

I suppose most books are written in either first person, past tense; or third person, past tense (yeah, I also needed to do the maths here when I read over this entry). The first person, present tense is something that's becoming more and more popular. It's good for fast paced, action packed books. It gives the reader the intense feeling that they're right there with the character. 

First person with a mix of past and present tense is also something I'm seeing more of. Like Charleine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series. She'll write most of it in past tense, but once in a while there'll be something in present tense, like when Sookie is stating a fact about herself. I kind of like this style.

What's your favourite to read and your favourite to write?

Just a simplified reminder of the Trilogy Contest:
You fill out this form to take part. You can get additional (for additional work) by filling out this form.

The requirements are that you need to follow my blog, Marieke's, and Rach's.

It's international and it's up to you how much work you want to put in the forms - just stating you're a follower to all three is enough to take part, but you can up your chances by blogging, tweeting, etc.

You'll get the chance to win one of the prizes:

3 x query or synopsis (max. 2 pages) critiques (winner's choice)

3 x first 300 words critiques

3 x first 3 pages critiques
3 x first 30 pages critiques

Across the Universe, by Beth Revis (from Rachael)
Mockingbirds, by Daisy Whitney (from Marieke)
Unearthly, by Cynthia Hand (from me)

3 x Amazon gift certificates of $30 each from the ones who reach 300 followers before the contest ends.


  1. The Hunger Games is in present tense? I didn't notice, either. I got the first two pretty quickly from the library, but was 59th on the waiting list for Mockingjay. !?! Fortunately, a friend with a Nook used the loan feature to keep me from moping around for weeks wondering what happened next. :)

  2. Congratulations to Mockingjay for winning multiple honors in the 2010 Goodreads Choice Awards! Check it out!

  3. The Hunger Games Trilogy is awesome.

  4. I write 1st past. And dabble in 1st person present. If the story's compelling, it should read, well, compelling, right??!!

  5. In general, it depends on how it is written. I still need to read The Hunger Games. I have read a present tense that had a strange feel to it that affected the reading a little for me so I mostly read past tense. My biggest issue is with first person: it's harder for me to like first person novels. I just can't get into the main character as well because it is a strict requirement of first person. I just find myself wondering who the main character is and struggle figuring out the main characters name, which is a problem to me. So, I like third person more for reading.

  6. It definitely should, Erica/Christy ;)

    Su, I'm so lucky to be a late bloomer in reading. Most series are completed already, so I can read them all in one go ;) I've lost count on the number of books I've read over the past two years!

    Dawn, I know exactly what you mean. I wrote my first manuscript in third person, then changed it to first person, but I'm considering third person again. Still, I've read so many first person books in the YA genre that they seem like the norm these days.

  7. I don't have a favourite to read, although I guess I pick 1st person more because that's my favourite way to write. :)
    Reading a 3rd person story while writing 1st confuses me >.<

  8. I just got the first two in the series for Christmas and have resisted starting them because I'm pretty positive I'll get sucked right in. But... I'm gonna do it. *evil laugh* Hopefully I don't forget who my children are. Or lose my job.

  9. The Hunger Games trilogy in first person present tense made such an impact on me, that I started writing my NaNoWriMo novel in present tense. I couldn't pull it off though; a chapter in and I had to switch it back to past.

  10. Yeah, I wrote a short story in first person, present tense (inspired by the Hunger Games) and it turned out all right. This tense seems to bother a lot of people, though, so I don't know if I'll attempt longer projects in it. Suzanne Collins is definitely the best present tense writer I've found.